How to Create a Website Using WordPress?


WordPress is a widely used blogging platform which is available free of cost over internet. At present, this Content management system (for better understanding, follow this link DNN .net CMS) is substantially used to create and manage business websites. Using WordPress, it allows complete control over the content of your website, and that too without hiring a technically oriented professional. Furthermore, it offers you the ability to customize the URLs of your web pages in order to make them user friendly as well as search engine friendly.
Most of the people are familiar with benefits of using WordPress for creating a business website, but maximum numbers of people do not know how to use the WordPress CMS to construct a user friendly website. This post has been written with intent to present a clear picture on the usability of WordPress, so that you may understand how to create a website using the WordPress CMS.

Firstly, you need to install WordPress in your web hosting server, so that you can use your own domain name for your website. Then you have to decide that what kind of web pages would be there on your site and how would be they organized.

Secondly, you have to be very conscious about the navigation bar of your landing page/home page. Generally, there should be approx. 6-7 main sections or we can say web pages on the website such as ‘About us’, ‘Contact us’, ‘Services’, ‘Testimonial’,’ News and Events’, ‘Blog’, etc.

Thirdly, you might like to choose different themes for your website rather than the default theme. In such case, it is better to hire WordPress designer for creating an outstanding wordpress design for your website. Well, this depends on your budget and requirements that what kind of theme you find best for your website. Make sure that the theme which you have selected must have the quality HTML markup along with search engine friendly attributes.

Once you understand all the fundamentals of WordPress development, it is time to implement those concepts in your website. In order to create the static pages on WordPress CMS, you have to log-in into the admin panel of the website where you would find ‘Pages’ section on the left hand menu. There you can edit or add new static pages for your WordPress website. Likewise, you are able to make any kind of change on the web page of your WordPress website. Go through the same process for creating more web pages for your website and ultimately you will have a complete business web design which you can manage by yourself without any technical support.

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